Hydrostatic testing

Hydrostatic testing

Carber T.S.E. has an innovative tool which performs a hydrostatic test in a revolutionary way. Traditionally after a repair, alteration, modification, revamp or tie-in an entire system would be filled with medium and brought to pressure to test a single weld. This process can be very costly in both the amount of medium needed and the amount of time necessary to complete the test. The Test tool does away with this traditional approach and uses a fraction of the medium and significantly reduces the amount of time needed to test a single weld. A weld may be tested with less than half a liter of water.

This decrease in time and medium result in a decreased cost and less downtime; thus allowing facilities to focus on production, not maintenance.

Our Weld Test service is fully capable of meeting ASME B31.1/B31.3 standards as well as ASME BPV V & VIII, API 510 & 570. Carber T.S.E. has tools in all common pipe sizes and schedules, less common sizes can be custom manufactured. The Test tool of Carber T.S.E. fits inside the pipe and creates two seals on either side of the weld. After these two seals are established, medium is brought to the specified test pressure in the annulus between the seals. This pressure is then held for the necessary length of time required to hydro test the new weld.

The Test Tool is applicable in the following scenarios:

  • Weld neck flanges
  • Socket weld flanges
  • Slip-on flanges
  • Orifice flanges
  • Orifice Flange Root valves
  • Branch connections
  • Wall thickness transitions
  • Flange to Elbows
  • Flange to Reducers
  • Flange to tees
  • Butt welding

Carber T.S.E. provides certified and experienced technicians with a safety mindset. Our technicians coupled with the Test Tool provide a service with safety first to provide you peace of mind and the ability to focus on other aspects of your project or production.

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